The Future of DEI Recruitment

Over the past year, our company has made a renewed focus and commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion that will continue to be part of how Altis Recruitment and Excel HR does business for the future. We are moving forward on this journey together, with the recognition and acknowledgment that there is so much more we can be doing as a company and as individuals to intentionally recruit, advocate for, and include diverse talent. We have committed to understanding bias and lifting marginalized groups in actions that we believe in.

DEI for Altis.Excel is demonstrated in action and is clear in language. As concepts are created and written, they must be challenged for the intentional goal of inclusion, fairness and diversity. More specifically, we will act with the purpose to disrupt anti-Black systemic racism and to remove barriers to inclusion for marginalized groups such as Indigenous peoples, persons of colour and persons with disability.

Our pillar of Talent and Staffing is a key focus as we move forward with our DEI plans. Our goal is to ensure that our company reflects the diversity of our nation by building a diverse team internally and that our candidate pool and placements reflect the communities in which we live and work. We want to accomplish this by identifying, attracting, recruiting, presenting and championing candidates that are diverse, both for our internal team and for our client-employers seeking permanent and temporary staff (includes diverse Independent Contractors).

Looking ahead to our future we are aiming to have intentional talent management and advocacy and to support this, we are planning to:

  • Measure diversity and where we are going
  • Enable targeted recruitment
  • Review policies and practices to remove systemic barriers consistently
  • Measure our selection and presentation of diverse talent
  • Nurture inclusivity for our assigned employees and IC’s
  • Build the knowledge and capabilities required to advocate for diversity internally and with our clients.

We know there are things that we do not know and we are open to feedback and “calling in” as part of our growth.

We are moving ahead with a focus on hearing, learning and actioning what we are able to make a positive impact with. By investing in our team and community when it comes to training, education, measurement and skill building, we can look forward to being leaders and championing DEI in recruitment for the years ahead.

A core part of accelerating our actions to better diversity in recruitment, comes with the help of our inclusive, unique and volunteer DEI committee. Our members meet 8 times a year to discuss initiatives, actions and plans to further our DEI Recruitment strategy. The goal of this committee is to be inclusive of all thoughts and experiences across the company, to get involved with the topics employees are most passionate about and to progress ideas in a roundtable, open and safe space forum. A big thank you goes out to our current volunteer members of 2021.

Meet our DEI Committee:
Kathryn Passalent, Meagan Thompson, Kay Menard, Nancy Nau, Katherine Soler, Nicole Renouf, Paige Millington, Kathryn Tremblay, Irfan Ahmed, Liesa Weinrauch, Erin Campbell, Gabriela Pineda, Paige Arding Paige, Jennine Germond, Priya Aduvala, Muneeza Lakhani, Sunny Pereira, Sharmin Afsana, Katie Drummond, James McLaughlin, Patricia Henriques, Reilly Reed, Harmit Bhullar, Julia Adler, Saraf Hamid, Nisha Mailwaganam, Joel Baliddawa, Sarah Bucharski

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