Interview Guides for Hiring IT Talent

Interview Guide for IT

Interview guides for four IT roles
To help you better assess each candidate’s skills and experience, we’ve prepared a series of interview guides to use when hiring for the following kinds of roles:

  • Help Desk and Technical Support
  • Network and Computer Systems Operators
  • IT Developers
  • Project Management Professionals

Tailor your questions to suit each candidate
Each guide includes a wide range of questions that you can pick and choose from, including general, situational and deep-dive technical questions for different types of roles and seniority levels. We’ve also included questions to help you determine a candidate’s suitability for working and managing teams remotely. Click on the covers below for the interview guide. 

Network and Computer Systems Operators:

Interview Guide for Hiring IT Talent

Project Management Professionals:

Interview Guide for Hiring IT Talent

Help Desk and Technical Support:

Interview Guide for Hiring IT Talent

IT Developers: 

Interview Guide for Hiring IT Talent

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