Quick Tips for Interview Success

Tips for your next interview

Congratulations on getting an interview! As your job search partner, we’ve put together some tips to help you turn your job opportunities into a great first impression or better yet, a job offer. 

Tips for Your Next Interview

  1. Whether your interview is in person or virtual, don’t be late.
  2. Be respectful of the office space—don’t tote a coffee cup or leave your cup in reception.
  3. Start and finish the interview with a smile and thank the interviewer for meeting with you. If your interview is in-person, allow the interviewer to reach out for a handshake first given that everyone’s comfort level varies.
  4. Before the interview, turn your cell phone to silent or off.
  5. Maintain eye contact throughout the interview—whether you’re in-person or on camera.
  6. Listen attentively, nod and smile—avoid leaning on the desk. Use your body language to show that you’re confident and engaged.
  7. Refrain from saying bad things about anyone. This is a chance for you to talk positively about yourself—don’t miss this opportunity!
  8. Sit forward and straight, and avoid slouching in the chair.
  9. If you’re interested in the role, say so.
  10. If you have a personal connection to their company, weave this into your answers.
  11. Avoid asking about promotions. Instead, express an interest in future growth. Ask what career pathing or professional development looks like in the company. This takes the pressure off the interviewer to assess your career trajectory at the interview stage while also allowing them to share more about the company.
  12. Know your resume, including dates of employment. It doesn’t look very professional when a candidate has to read their resume to answer questions.
  13. Refrain from requesting vacation time before you’ve been offered the role. Leave vacation matters to the offer stage. For example, if you are attending a wedding and need a day off in the third month of employment, state this at the offer stage, not during your interview.
  14. Ask what the day-to-day operations of the workplace look like and inquire about the corporate culture.
  15. Send a thank you note by email after the interview—be sure there are no spelling mistakes, including the spelling of the interviewer’s name. If you don’t have the interviewer’s email, send it through your recruiter or a LinkedIn Direct Message. For tips and samples check out our blog on this topic.

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