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At Altis Technology Recruitment, we strive to ensure that the Independent Contractors we work with are well-informed and protected with the benefits of Professional Liability and Commercial General Liability insurance for their business. Many advantages and risks stem from being self-employed and Altis Technology is committed to mitigating unexpected risks and losses by offering a comprehensive insurance program for Independent Contractors through our partnership with the National Association of Canadian Consulting Businesses (NACCB) and Prolink. Prolink is an insurance broker who specializes in providing programs including the NACCB independent contractor insurance program. For more information on this program including the direct contact for Prolink, click here
We understand that self-employed Independent Contractors can be held liable for professional negligence, errors, third party injuries, property damages and more that can cause significant disruptions. Once selected as for a contract role with Altis Technology, Independent Contractors have the opportunity to learn about, opt-in and apply for this program during our onboarding process prior to the start of the assignment.
We encourage all Independent Contractors to consider the NACCB program through a painless and hassle-free process, completed online within 5-10 minutes, from application to payment to confirmation. This program is highly customizable and flexible according to each Independent Contractor’s unique business needs, offering various coverage levels ($1M, $2M or $5M) and lengths of time (2 weeks to 18 months), and can be cancelled if necessary. With preferred premiums for Independent Contractors working on contract through Altis Technology, the total cost is 55%-75% less than any other insurance program in Canada.
In addition, Independent Contractors save money as the program is tax deductible and reaffirms the Independent Contractor status with respect to the CRA. Participation in this program provides many advantages to both Independent Contractors and Clients leading to an increase in Contractor’s satisfaction and overall work performance by providing them with a peace of mind to focus on what really matters day-to-day – delivering results.

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