Survey Says: Uncertainty is the leading emotion felt by employees

Last week we conducted a casual survey. We asked 36,242 professionals who worked mostly on-site pre-COVID how they felt about the economy opening back up.  Thank you to everyone who participated – we received 1,536 responses.

We learned that employees feel uncertain about a return to the workplace. No shock there.

But is it possible to offer certainty in times of uncertainty? Even our senior and most experienced leaders in government, healthcare, and big business cannot be certain about what our collective future will look like.

So we asked around for input – from our internal team and leaders in our network. We sought out tips and tricks to create some level of certainty in times like these.

In the video below, Kathryn discusses our survey results.

In addition, we prepared a list of Practical Tips for Leaders on how to increase confidence or certainty during these times of change.

If you would like a copy of our full survey results or a simulation exercise you can conduct with team members, email

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