Privacy Policy

The AltisITR Commitment to Your Privacy

excel Human Resources Inc. (operating as AltisITR) respects your right to privacy. The information below outlines how our privacy principles protect your privacy as a key part of our on-going relationship with you as a valued candidate or client of AltisITR. Our privacy principles apply to all personal information that we collect from you. Personal information means information about you.

The information below describes how we collect your personal information, what we do with it and with whom we share it. We will also describe how we will obtain your consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information, and how you can contact us with any questions or concerns that you have relating to our privacy principles or your personal information.

What personal information do we collect? How do we collect It? How do we use the information?


Defined as…

Those we provide resources to, and those we contact periodically about their current or future staffing needs.

Personal Information We Collect

Contact information

Types and frequency of staffing needs

How We Collect the Information


Via the internet (e.g GEDS)

How We Use the Information

To provide staffing services

To share information about AltisITR or related staffing matters

New Applicant

Defined as…

Individuals who are looking for work, or who may be considering a change in employment or career – who are registering for the first time with AltisITR.

Personal Information We Collect

The Applicant`s resume as submitted by the Applicant including personal contact information, email, address, telephone number, type of position sought, recent employment, education, availability, interest in temporary or permanent positions, salary expectations, and other related information necessary to assess your suitability for placement.

How We Collect the Information

From the Resume Submitted

From the Applicant calling AltisITR

How We Use the Information

To arrange an Interview

To keep on file for future placement opportunities


Defined as…

Once an Applicant is interviewed in person by one of AltisITR`s Recruiters or Consultants, they become a Candidate who will be considered for immediate and on-going jobs and careers with their Clients.

Personal Information We Collect

During the Interview, the Interviewer will ask questions and record responses, including:

Type of Position(s)

  • Employment History Major Skills
  • Computer/Software Used
  • Past Earnings
  • Reasons for Job Changes (if any)
  • Expected Earnings
  • Type of Environment Sought
  • Hours Sought
  • Limitations in terms of location, hours, environments, organizations
  • Strengths
  • Areas of Improvements

Testing may be conducted on commonly used software, keyboarding skills, etc. Testing is not mandatory, however, to be considered for administrative positions, it is essential.

Reference Information that we would use before placement, through contacting those referees provided by the candidate via e-mail or by telephone

How We Collect the Information

In-person Interview

In-person Testing (sometimes)

From references provided by candidate

How We Use the Information

When a position comes in from a client

Our team is searching proactively for a skill/fit for an upcoming client need

When our team is working on a bid or proposal for a client: a search is undertaken using the Candidate Database

Many candidates are contacted to find out if they are interested and available, mainly by telephone and occasionally by e-mail

Test results are used to be sure a candidate can perform the necessary task(s) at the level expected by the Client.

Reference results may be shared with a client if you are being considered for a specific position.

Your resume may be sent to a client for a current or upcoming position with your permission.

Security Clearances

Defined as…

During the Interview, AltisITR may ask about current or past Security Clearances.

Personal Information We Collect

Security Clearance Information (what level of clearance exists, location of clearance, file number if known) if being considered for federal government positions.

We may ask a Candidate if they are interested to fill in Security Clearance forms, administered by our Security Officer (SO) and seen only by the SO or Alternate SO.

How We Collect the Information

On the telephone during registration, in person during the interview, at the time of placement.

How We Use the Information

To place candidates in positions that require the level of Security Clearance they possess.

Assigned Temporary

Defined as…

Once AltisITR places an individual in a position in which AltisITR is responsible for government remittances and is the Employer of record, (s)he becomes a temporary employee of AltisITR.

Personal Information We Collect

Social Insurance Number

Date of Birth

Emergency Contact Data

Hours worked during placement

Rate of pay during placement

How We Collect the Information

Generally by telephone, occasionally by e-mail before the candidate is assigned to the position.

How We Use the Information

For payroll purposes, mandatory by Revenue Canada standards

In the event of emergency, we know who to contact.

Assigned Subcontractor

Defined as…

When AltisITR puts an Independent Contractor into a Contract.

Personal Information We Collect

Company Information

How We Collect the Information

By telephone, in person or via e-mail just pre-placement.

How We Use the Information

To complete the placement

Your Consent

We will only collect, use and disclose your personal information with your consent. Internally, at AltisITR, all information collected is accessible to Staffing Consultants and the Accounting/Operations team so that you may be provided with the best possible service.

When you send us your resume or come in to an interview, you are consenting to AltisITR adding your profile (resume, contact information, key skills) to our internal database.

Our Database

Personal Information collected including that provided on resumes and your contact information is never sold or open to outside individuals or companies. Our database is used to search for candidates for positions with our clients, to contact those candidates, and to gain their permission to represent them in a specific position or to send their resume.

Removing Yourself from Our Database

Simply e-mail or call your Contact at AltisITR and ask that your record be deleted. If you have been an Assigned Employee or Subcontrator, AltisITR will have to keep information according to Revenue Canada Laws – but only that information that is essential to Revenue Canada will be retained. All other personal information will be destroyed twelve months after you ceased to be an Assigned Employee or Subcontractor.


Please contact AltisITR at (613) 230-5393 and ask to speak with our Privacy Officer if you wish to have access to a copy of your personal information. AltisITR may charge a reasonable fee for providing this information. In accordance with our Privacy Policy, AltisITR will respond to requests within 30 days.


AltisITR ensures that the personal information it collects and uses is protected against unauthorized access, unintended disclosure, or theft. This protection is provided by a password protected database and a secure hard copy filing system.

If you have Questions about Our Privacy Principles or Your Personal Information

Please contact AltisITR at (613) 230-5393 and ask to speak with our Privacy Officer.


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